Post lube Pan Asia Hash 2019

An all-inclusive trip which starts the day after Pan Asia Hash 2019 Zhang Jia Jie. You will depart from Zhang Jia Jie airport and fly to Shanghai (air fare is approx. US 277 one way) where the cruise and tour starts.

Government Message

Dear hashers in Asia! We are glad to hear that the Hash House Harriers will hold the 2019 Pan Asia Hash in Zhangjiajie. We represent Zhangjiajie People's. Government, Tourism and Foreign Affairs Commitee and 1.7 million citizens of Zhangjiajie to show sincere gratitude and weam welcome your coming.

Event Location

Zhangjiajie is famous for grostesque peak and beautiful water. The beautiful natural scenery in the world, unique mountain and humanity bring different eaperiences and shock. Zhangjiajie national forest park that is the first national forest park in China, that is a world geological park and world herietage site as our event field. Pan Asia Hash is the perfect combination of travel plus sports, which organize this and build a bridge of friendship to the word.

What You Get

Entrance Fee to Zhang Jia Jie National Park ($45), Goodies Bag, Dinner for 3 day 3 times, Beeeerrr, Entertainment, Etc.

Our Commitee

  • Long Sheng


  • Cai Ye Zi

    Vice Chairman 1

  • Da Yu

    Vice chairman 2

  • King Kong


  • Disco Wanker


  • Monkey


  • Double OO Dirk


  • Sa Sa


Countdown to Event

Let's jont us on

Thursday, 7th November 2019 - Sunday, 10th November 2019





Limited Participant