Bidders for Pan Asia Hash 2021

Grand Pangandaran, West Java, Indonesia

Grand Pangandaran is bidding to be the venue for upcoming Pan Asia Hash 2021. Located in the famous pangandaran Regency of West Java, Indonesia, it will give you the best running experience.

Dedicated website for Grand Pangandaran will be announced soon

Pangandaran Regency is a Regency in West Java province, Indonesia, formed on 25 October 2012 out of the southern portion of Ciamis Regency. The population of this area as at the 2010 Census was 383,848. The administrative capital is Parigi. Pangandaran Regency contains a beach called Pantai Pangandaran (Pangandaran Beach) and Cukang Taneuh Canyon (Green Canyon).

The tourist destinations are Situ Lengkong Panjalu, Kingdom of Sunda Astana Gede Kawali site and the most potential destination is Curug Tujuh, Cibolang, Panjalu. Curug Tujuh is located 2 kilometres from Cibolang main road. Curug Tujuh means "seven waterfalls", due to there being 7 waterfalls along a 5 kilometres track. The tallest waterfall is more than one hundred metres high.

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