Post Lube

Post lube Pan Asia Hash 2019: Yangtze River Hash Cruise and Tours

An all-inclusive trip which starts the day after Pan Asia Hash 2019 Zhang Jia Jie. You will depart from Zhang Jia Jie airport and fly to Shanghai (air fare is approx. US 277 one way) where the cruise and tour starts.

View modern & imperial landscapes Viking deepens your understanding of China’s imperial history and forward-thinking modernity on one wide-ranging cruisetour. Gaze upon Shanghai’s cutting-edge skyline. Step inside the massive Three Gorges Dam. Admire emerald-draped cliff faces and hushed monasteries during a tranquil Yangtze river cruise. Marvel at 8,000 ancient Terra Cotta Warriors, each distinctly carved. And trace timeworn steps along the Great Wall. Join us on this most enlightening of journeys.

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